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Student Assistance

We help students resolve difficulties occurring on campus to maintain and improve both quality and convenience of student life.
» Emergency Aids
» Student Insurance
» Related Regulations
» Lost and found

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Student Activities
There are around 180 student clubs at NTHU. The Division of Student Activities is a gateway for those who want to participate in school clubs or school activities at NTHU.
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Career Development

We provide comprehensive services and various activities to guide students in planning their future career path in advance of entering the job market.
» Campus recruitment
» Company visit and Career speech
» One to one career consultation

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Overseas and Mainland Chinese Student Support

NTHU provides assistances and various activities to overseas and mainland Chinese students to ensure that they have an enjoyable time at NTHU.
» Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students


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Dormitory life

National Tsing Hua University has built 22 dormitories which are desirable living quarters for students.
» Student dormitory introduction
» Dormitory service center
» Applying for dormitory
» Applying for dormitory repairs
» More information….

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Health Care

The Health Center provides consultation on health issues, new student health examination and general clinical services including the treatment of injuries for all faculty and students.
» Service
» Health Consultation
» Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
» Downloads

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Counseling Service

The goal of the Counseling Center is to promote mental health of students, faculty, and staff. We are a professional team including licensed counseling psychologists, licensed social workers, and psychiatrists.

» Intake Counseling
» Individual Counseling
» Groups and Workshops
» Testing and Assessment
» Outreach and Workshops
» More information…..

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Sport Facilities & School Team

NTHU has 13 kinds of sport facilities and 14 school sport teams. Students, faculty and staff enjoy state-of-the-art recreational facilities and fitness programs.
» Sport Facilities Usage
» How to join school sport team

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